14 March, 2020

4 ways King Google can help you in keyword research

Keyword research plays a great part in SEO strategy. Keywords are a magic to boost up the search engine rankings. There are so many tools you must use to plan your blog post’s keywords before you write it down.
But, there are some very easy things about keyword research in which King Google may help you. It is a reality that Google has solutions for your thousands of problems. If you are thinking about going to the kitchen and cook something, Google is for you. If you want to clean your house and learn home decor, Google is for you. If you want to read some news, not a big deal. Google is for you as well. In short, from personal issues to office and finance, Google is there to help you every time.
With all of this in mind, have you ever thought to do your keyword research through Google? I am sure that it’s not a complete solution for your research regarding keywords, but it may give you some key points to consider while writing down the post. Google has a separate tool for keyword research known as “Google keyword planner” but this post does not discuss it. Apart from keyword planner, how Google can be used in defining the keyword strategy is mainly addressed in this post. Let’s explore how you can do that.

19 January, 2020

How to implement Cloudflare on a website with few simple steps

In my last post, I wrote about
Why Cloudflare and website security go hand in hand! 
Today, we will learn how to implement Cloudflare on a website. As I mentioned before, Cloudflare should be implemented on the websites which have unusual threats of viruses. Decent spam does not need high protection.

11 January, 2020

Cloudflare and website security, go hand in hand!

Website security is a major concern for every website owner. A secure website is more reliable, trustworthy and reputable. So, every website owner makes a great effort to make his/her website secure for the people and obviously, for the search engines. In this time of Internet mass, website security has become one of the most noticeable issue. Thousands of hackers are sitting to steal all of your data. 

11 November, 2019

Five common Grammatical mistakes you need to quit just now

I am go to the town last week. Are you thinking that I am not in my senses? Or I am simply being silly with you. No, that’s not the case for sure. I am actually trying to explain something. Did you get it? No.

Let’s break this sentence into two pieces to make any possible sense. The first part is, I am go to the town. Okay, I am rather trying to say I am going. That’s right. Move on. The second part is, last week. Now, can you make any sense of it? In the first part, I was talking about the present. In the second one, I immediately switched to the past.
What is this? This is what most of the writers do. They make certain grammatical mistakes which ruin their hardwork. They may not write sentences like the above sentence was written, but they often get confused in time, spellings and punctuation.

23 September, 2019

Google analytics: A very comprehensive guide 2019

Google analytics is one of the most used blogging tools. It comes with so many benefits for the website and app owners.
To keep it simple, Google analytics tracks everything about a website which gives a website or app owner some pretty great advantages.
Today, I am not going to give you any explanation about it. In fact, I don't need to say anything. Because, I have a very useful guide for you which is written by a talented author, Kristi Hines. I am very excited to let this useful guide share with you.