28 July, 2018

Design a free and professional blog on blogger!

As Blogging is very popular these days; many people want to test themselves in this field. If you can write good, it’s a great opportunity for you.
I discussed about
before. Today, I will discuss that how to design a professional blog on blogger with few simple steps.
Blogger is the blogging service provided by Google. and, who doesn't know Google?
You are using
and its services everyday. You search on Google to find easy solutions in a minute.
With this, it's understood that if you create a blog with blogger, it will automatically be listed on Google search engine.
Now, it will depend on you that how you maintain your site to rank high.

Create a blog

  Creating a blog is very easy with Blogger. But it's not as professional as Wordpress.org blog is.
As a newbie, you don't want to spend much so Blogger or Wordpress.com is a good choice for you.
Creating a blog is very easy if you have a Google account.
And if you don’t have, create one for free
Done with it?

Next step

Go to
And create new blog. You will be signed in with your google account.
Here, it will ask you a name of your choice which will be your subdomain name. Enter a good name.
Never choose your name as your domain name, it doesn’t perform well. Choose the name of your blog regarding what you aim to write in it. It’s a better technique to choose the right name for your domain so you will be able to replace it later with a custom domain without actually changing your whole identity.
Once you enter the right name and it’s available, good! Select the theme from available options (you can change later) and click create button.
You are all set with creating a blog. Your next job is to

Make your Blogger blog professional

Few years ago, it was not an easy task to make your Blogger blog professional. But, thanks to those developers who worked day and night to design good looking templates and widgets for blogger.
With them, your Blogger blog will not be as much professional as Wordpress.org blog is, but still you can make it good and user friendly. You can let readers to stay on your blog.
Consider few things to make your blog professional. 

  • Custom domain 
  • Good theme 
  • Good widgets 
  • Remove quick editing icons (They are annoying!)
  • Hide navbar.

Let’s start with

A Custom domain

A custom domain is your website URL like 
Do you know that Blogger allows to add custom domain for free?
You just need to pay for the domain you buy. It’s great if you register a domain and add it to your Blogger blog.
You can get a domain from
or get one free from
Always keep in mind that .com, .net or .org are better choices for you. They are paid domains though.

Good theme or template

A good theme is necessary for your blog. You cannot bear with Blogger themes as they are too tedious.
I recommend you to read this post by Harsh Agrawal which refers you to some of the good-looking themes of blogger. I am using one of them.

Good widgets

Widgets help you to make your blog more beautiful and accessible.
The thing I like about Blogger is that it supports third party Java widgets. You can copy any Java widget code you like and simply paste it to your blog by going to layout. Add the gadget wherever you want. Add some must-have widgets like email subscription, search, popular posts and pages etc.

Remove quick edit icons

The quick edit icons on blogger are really irritating. They give bad experience to your visitors and look very unprofessional.
Moreover, they make your blog unfriendly to the search engines and increase its loading time. To avoid all of this, simply remove them from your blog.
In the Tre view of your blogger dashboard, go to theme>customise>add custom css.
Here, add this code:
And save setting. Congratulations, you got rid of quick edit icons!

Hide navbar

Navbar is a small menu which shows login and signup button for blogger, previous and next blog and edit your blog or go to dashboard directly from the page you are standing.
Some of the bloggers like this and keep this on their blog, but I really don’t prefer it and count it in the extras. It’s better to remove it too.
In your Blogger dashboard Tre view, go to lay out>navbar. Tick off and save it. Done!


To conclude, Blogger is a good platform to taste Blogging. When you are new to the field, you just test the water. It’s good to choose Blogger for this matter.
Creating a blog on Blogger is very easy and takes under 15 minutes. You need little work to make it professional.
When you are finished with all the above steps, create new post and start writing.
Happy Blogging!
Are you a Blogger user? Or planning to create one blog with it?
See you in the comments below.



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