27 July, 2018

Few things you need to know before writing a Wordpress post

Are you a newbie?
Have you just started writing on Wordpress?
There are few things you need to know about Wordpress editing pad before writing your post. 
I dedicated a separate post to this, because there are many options in it and you must avail them.
Writing is not just about sharing what's in your mind. It's all about sharing with perfection. 
Imagine a post with simple words. It has thousands of words without any heading and style; just plain text. 
Remember, nobody loves boring content. Nobody likes to read plain text. So it's a good idea to give importance to different elements with words. 
I have no doubt to say that Wordpress has a very advanced editing pad. It has number of great features for you. By understanding them completely, you can create a very professional post for your readers. I will take a look on them one by one. 


A title defines your post. It is the headline of your post. 
It gives an idea to the readers that what your post is all about. It also provides an understanding to the search engines about the content of your post. The title box is in every blogging platform's post editing pad. 
It generates an automatic URL for your post which you can change later if it doesn't suit your needs. URL of your post is a different topic and I will discuss it later in my posts.
Writing a title is the first step. Write it in the first edit box “Post title”

Save and publish button

Wordpress has a Save button. This feature is also available in other post editing pads. 
It means that you can save your post in drafts. When you start writing, Wordpress automatically saves your post in drafts. 
If you don't want to publish it at that time or you left your writing in the middle for some reason, you don't need to worry. You can continue it when you want, your post is in drafts. In any case, if you lose your work, Wordpress will restore it for you.
Publish button is obviously here to publish your post for the people to read. You have the option to schedule your post in the settings of your post.


Wordpress Toolbar has everything for you. I personally like it alot. You get everything in it and trust me, it's very easy to use.
You can add media, contact form, payment button, links, paragraphs, headings, poll, different fonts and colours, bold, italic, special characters and much more. All at one place. I enjoy writing on Wordpress editor, hope you will enjoy too.
Are you thinking that the post is ended? No.
There’s something more.

More options

Now check these options to make your post more effective.

Sharing buttons

Do you like the feeling when your posts are shared? Of course, you do. For that, sharing buttons are for you. Show like and sharing buttons with this option to allow your readers to share your posts instantly.

Featured image:

As the name tells, a featured image is the   description of what is featured in this post. Featured image is shown on the front with the title of your post. This is the visual graphic idea of your post. Select the image which is relevant to your content.


As I mentioned before, URL of your post is a very important thing.
You don’t like the URL of your post at times as it is too long. You want to change it and make it short and easy. This is where Slug comes.
With this option, you can change the URL of your post which is generated through the title.


The excerpt is the description of what your post contains. With this option, you can write the main idea conveyed in your post to describe it and tell your readers that your post is interesting.


Search description helps you to get visitors from search engines. Search engine shows your written description to the people when they search anything related to your site’s keywords.
Make sure to write what is inside your post because people want to get what they read in the search description.


The discussion option of Wordpress is awesome. You don’t want comments on some of your posts.
Many plugins are created just to avoid spam, but still there are comments you really don’t prefer on your posts. This option allows you to stop comments on your posts if you want. It also provides you an option to avoid track backs.

Final word

The Wordpress editing pad is really friendly for writing. It has all the basic and advanced options to meet your writing needs. If you consider extra options like headings etc along with your quality content, it will produce hundred times better results for you.
Happy blogging!
Which features of Wordpress editing pad you admire the most? Would love to hear from you in the comments below. My comments are not closed for this post. 😊

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