25 August, 2018

Five best writing techniques for bloggers!

Blogging is very popular these days. People love to share their ideas with others by writing blog posts about different things.
Have you ever noticed that there are many bloggers out there, but some of them are getting too much boost and others are just struggling?
Of course, struggling is the part of any job you do. But it’s obviously painful if your struggles pay you nothing.
Now, it’s time to find out the issue. When something doesn’t work, you fix it. So, it’s time to fix your blogging techniques.
Blogging techniques are not new for those who are familiar with blogging terms. But for newbies it is very simple to understand that when you do any work, there are some techniques to do that work in the best possible manner; so, as blogging.
It’s possible that you are not delivering according to your job, that’s why you are not getting as much reward as you dream.
Time to make dreams come true. Here, I am sharing five tips to write a blog, which will help you to grow your blog.

1. Select the best topic

This is the first and very important thing to do. I have seen some people who read somewhere that “That kind of blog will generate income for you”
And they start their blog of that niche. Yeah this is right that some blog niches make more money than others, but if you start a blog about a niche you don’t know and you have no interest in it; how will you handle that blog?
OK, you will learn something about that field on internet and then what? That blog will not last for long. A day will come when you will have no idea to write.
Be smart and choose the topic of your choice. There are many topics available for you, Choose the topic of your interest. Share your ideas and thoughts on the topic you are interested in. In this way, you will not lose your passion of writing. Make sure that the topic is related to daily life. Means the topic is alive.
For example, your interest can be in politics, news, sports, technology, beauty tips, home remedies, language learning, online opportunities etc. There are many topics to write, choose the best according to your interest.

2. Share knowledge

People want to learn. When they are visiting your blog, giving you time from their busy schedules, that means they have a passion to learn something new.
Don’t bother them. Write the knowledgeful content. Share knowledge about the niche you are writing about.
Tell them what they want to know. Think about your visitors while writing. Solve their problems. Follow the latest trends. Share the current and working techniques.
Apply this formula on every field of blogging.

3. Be a good explainer

While writing, explain what you are trying to say. Don’t summarize everything. Explain the tips you are giving, the news you are sharing, the point of view you are giving on any political issue. Explaination is required to make the things easier to understand for the readers. They cannot know exactly what's in your mind unless you explain them.

4. Talk to the people

This is an important technique of writing. Talking to the people means write in the familiar language. Use ‘You’ instead of ‘We’ and write in the sense like a person is sitting next to you and you are teaching him. Use full stops and make short sentences.
Talk to your readers in their language or the language they understand. If your readers are not techy, don't write in a techy language. Don't use certain phrases that will confuse your readers. Write your content in a simple language that could be understood easily.
People love to read familiar blogs. Always keep your readers in mind while writing. Be passionate.

5. Do smart writing

Smart work is always great. If you want to grow successfully, smart work is required along with hardwork.
In writing, smart work is a useful technique. In this technique, you write valuable content. Don’t write either too long or too short.
Because, if you write too short, you will not be able to explain the things correctly. If you write too long, people will get bored and leave your post in the middle. It's better to write in a calculated way. Neither too short, nor too long. 


These are the first best writing techniques. Easy to implement, not very complicated. Through these tips, you can have a successful writing journey.
Apply them in your writing and feel the changes yourself.
Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy blogging!

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