12 August, 2018

How to add authors on Wordpress or Blogger?

Blogging is not about sharing your own words with the world. You need different views on your blog at times. It's not possible unless you have some people who can write quality posts.
These people are the authors of your blog. There are two options available for that.

  1. The authors will email you the post and you will publish it. This is the very complicated way. 
  2. The second way is to add authors to your site. This is the good option to show your Author's profile to the visitors. Be careful while adding the authors. Everyone doesn't deserve a place on your blog. 
By allowing different authors on your blog, you can open the account of Guest posts too.
If you want different authors to write on your blog, it is possible.
On Wordpress, there are two methods to add authors to your site.
The first method didn’t work for me, but it may work for you. And if it really does, let me know.

Method 1: add login page

It is a very simple process. Once you do it, you don’t need to be worried about adding the authors manually. You will just check what’s going on your site.
A widget called ‘Meta login’ is designed to add users to your site.
You will find this widget in the customize>widgets. 
When you add the widget, it will ask you the position of the user. There are five positions.
1.       Follower: A follower is a person who just follows your site. He can view your site’s content, but has no access to any other option.
2.       Contributor: A contributor is the person who can write the posts on your blog, but he will need approval from the admin to publish his post. It’s the best option for you. Because you don’t know how the person writes. Make him a contributor, test him and then make him an author.
3.       Editor: An editor is a person who edits the posts. He has access to all the posts, but he can’t access the admin panel for sure.
4.       Author: An author is a person who can write and publish his own posts. He doesn’t have access to view or edit other users’ posts and drafts.
5.       Admin: An admin has full control on the site’s activity. Of course, you are mature enough that you will not make a person admin unless you know him personally and trust him. The same method applies on “Her” too. I use the word “Him” because it’s not suitable to use the word “Him/her” every time. 😊😊

Method 2: Add the authors manually

It’s a tough method if you have a lot of authors. Because you need to add them manually by knowing their emails.
Go to your dash board. Click add users/people and enter the necessary information. Email and position. You can add multiple email addresses at a time by separating them with commas. Click invite button and you are done. An invitation email will be sent to the addresses you entered. Once they accept the invitation and create their account (If they have not created), they will be added to your blog and will be able to contribute for you.

Add authors on Blogger

Adding authors is easy with Blogger. But you will need to add them manually. Go to your Blogger dashboard>Settings>Basic settings>Add authors.
Here, enter the email addresses or choose from your gmail contacts. You have no position choice. The person will be just an author.

This is how you can add more authors and enhance your site. Adding authors is the best way to accept guest posts which will help you in the promotion of your own blog and those authors' blogs.
Which method you tried; which method worked for you? Let me know in the comments below.


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