04 August, 2018

Why adding categories, a useful tip?

Running a blog is not an easy task. You need to put all of your hardwork in it for getting comprehensive results.
Now what, if you are running a blog, but not getting noticed?
There are many ways to avoid this painful aspect. I discussed some tips in
If you apply all of them after setting up a blog, you will not be disappointed.
All of them are really helpful to boost your SEO rankings.
There are many other things you can do to get better response from your blog; adding categories is one of them. In fact, this is the easiest but effective thing to do.

What are categories

Categories are the different fields according to your posts. For instance, if you write about technology, you can find many categories in it. Technology is a huge niche which has many fields. 
If your blog is about tips of blogging, divide it into different categories like Blogging, Wordpress, Blogger, Content marketing, SEO and Tips and tricks etc.

Why Categories are useful for SEO 

Categories are very useful. They help you in maintaining better SEO ranking.
When people search on Search engines, results are according to their keywords. Categories help search engines to find your site’s content easily and your site appears on a good position of search results.
Another advantage of categorizing your content is that visitors find their required content easily. When people visit your site, they don't know what your site contains. It's hard for them to use the search box of your site to find what they want.
They see the categories listed there, they get impressed by the quality content and actually come to know about what your site offers. Now, they can use the search box as well because they know what can they search on your site. What keywords they can use. It also increases the visits of your site or blog.
Tip: Use the categories rightly and wisely. Using this option against the merit of your posts may result in looking your site spammy to the visitors.
To add categories, you can go to labels in Blogger and Categories in Wordpress directly from your post editing page. It's very easy. 
This category option sounds great, right?
Categorize your posts today and let me know what changes you felt in your site’s activity after doing this!

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