07 October, 2018

The number one free web hosting for your Wordpress blog!

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When it comes to start a blog, you think of a web hosting and a domain to make a perfect online presence. Today, it's not much difficult to set up a blog. You just spend sometime and everything is on your fingertips.
When starting up, most of the newbies complain that they don’t have enough money to buy the hosting like Bluehost etc. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Here, I am sharing the review of a free Wordpress web hosting 000WebHost
which is recommended by many users around the world.
You will not find much support in the free version, but at least you can taste the blogging for free. When you find something in it for yourself, move on.

What 000Webhost offers

000Webhost is a free platform to start your blogging journey, trusted by millions of users. According to them, they had hosted more than 17 million websites.
They offer different features; most of them are in your favour while some are not. One thing is clear that if you are starting a website or blog and don't want to spend anything, then 000Webhost is the bestt and right choice for you. The features they offer are:
  • 1 GB storage
  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • Optimised website
  • A subdomain
  • Easy 1 click installation of the number one blogging platform, Wordpress
  • Fast loading website
  • User friendly interface
  • All of the above for free

Why 000Webhost?

1.       000Webhost provides free hosting solution for Wordpress, the powerful and leading platform of the world. Everyone’s first choice is Wordpress.
2.       000Webhost provides guarantied functionality to its users for free. They will provide you a fully optimised website.
3.       The website has an easy and user friendly interface.
4.       Most of the free hosts show ads on your site which is annoying. Even free wordpress.com shows ads on your blog occasionally. 000Webhost is free from these irritating factors. They don’t show ads on your website.
5.       They allow you to install Wordpress on a click! They state that, “It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 years of WordPress experience or zero; you can install WordPress on your 000webhost account using 1 click!”
6.       Fast website works well in SEO. 000Webhost provides you with a fast website for free.
Inspired? Get it for free

Some drawbacks

On 000Webhost, you are getting many things for free. Remember, you cannot get a complete package for free anywhere in the world. Let's look at some of the drawbacks of the free 000Webhost hosting. 
1.       Nobody gives you a professional domain for free so as 000Webhost. You have to buy the domain or compromise with their free unprofessional domain name.
2.       They provide 0 support for the free users. Yes, they have a tutorial for the Wordpress beginners.
3.       On free account, you get only 1 GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth which is quite limited.
4.       On free account, you don’t get any email account. An email account which shows your professionalism like [email protected] etc.
5.       On 000Webhost, you don’t get the backups. You get the domain, backups and live support on premium version.


000Webhost is a great solution for you if you are just starting. You spend your time on learning blogging in the beginning. It’s better to test the water for free.
When you get familiar with all the things and faces of blogging, move on without hesitation. You can upgrade to their premium plans or any other host which suits your professional needs.
Which web hosting you use and what are its features which inspire you? See you in the comments below.
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