12 December, 2018

Six amazing tips to develop a content strategy

Hoping that you all are doing well. I’m writing a blog post after a long time, just because I try to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. I advise you to do the same.
As the headline suggests, today’s post is about the strategies to create world-class content. Content creation is not the piece of cake for everyone. Hardwork and dedication is necessary to create the best content.
You must have awareness about what’s happening around your niche. You cannot simply do the job while sleeping. šŸ˜Š

Top content development strategies

Whether you are running a personal or a business blog, content is the key. It attracts new visitors, readers, customers and buyers. Content is the best way to secure your fans.
It’s must for you to concentrate on your content creating strategies. Remember, you are not one to write about a certain topic. Thousands of bloggers are writing about the topic you have selected to write. You need to stand out.
There are many strategies to apply while creating the master piece of content, I am sharing here the best and effective ones. Let’s move on.

1.      Audience segmentation

It’s important for you to know about your audience before writing your content. You should have knowledge about who is your audience?
For whom you are writing?
To whom are you talking?
These are the few questions you need answers of. Knowing your targeted audience is actually called “Audience Segmentation”
It helps you to create the content according to the needs and expectations of your audience. What they like and what they want from you. If you write the content regularly according to the expectations of your audience, you secure them as your regular readers. That’s what top-class content creators do. They never lose their visitors. They understand them and turn them into regular readers.
Audience segmentation is done by understanding your visitors. From where they are coming? What are they doing on your site like which of your posts are receiving more views and which are not performing well? How much time your visitors spend on your site?
is here to answer all of your questions. It tells you everything you need to know about your audience. Take a look on your stats and design your content strategy according to them. Our next strategy is

2.      Become trendy

What people are discussing the most is trend. To become an effective blogger, you need to become trendy.
You need to be aware about the latest trends in your niche. How will it make you feel if the bloggers of your niche are discussing the latest technologies and methods of content creation while you are sticking with the old ones which no more exist?
Of course, nobody will waste his/her time to read them. Discuss the latest tools and topics on your blog. To know about what’s in trends these days, use 
OK, you are trendy now. What’s next?

3.      Finding the right keywords

Keywords are the key terms related to your topic. They are those searches done by the people to get answers related to your topic. Use them in your post, so the people will read you. The search engines will show you up.
Try to use the keywords that are performing really well in the search engines. But don’t fill up your post with keywords, it will do nothing but bore the people. Use the keyword in the title and once in the post. This is what most of the successful bloggers do.
To find the right keywords for your blog post, again use 
and find about what keywords your fellow bloggers are using to boost up their content rankings. You can also use 
You can even get benefit from Google search and Google's auto suggestions tool.
For example, you search for Best diets, and google suggests you Best diets in 2018, you got it. Best diets in 2018 is the best keyword for your blog post. That’s how you can find the right keywords related to your topic before creating your content. You can use your keywords in your writing to make it great. Again, don’t overuse them.

4.      Plan your content

After planning your topic, it’s time to plan your whole content. Think of the things you want to cover in your post, write the points down on a paper or in a word document.
Plan everything from the start till the end. Write every point which comes in your mind. This will do two things for you.
A.      You will not lose any point; every point will be saved. We think of the points at times but forget them while writing. This is really painful and writing down your content plan is the best medicine for this.
B.      You will be able to write fluently. You will not get stuck on what to do next, which point should I add now? Content plan will save your time.
Good! The next strategy is

5.      Engage with your readers

Have you ever experienced a blog post without any sign of engagement?
Then you can imagine how boring it can be. Don’t bore your faithful readers. They give their time to read your blog, don’t disappoint them. Engage with them.
Remember, you are blogging and not writing a school essay. Blogging is all about talking to the people. Don’t write in the form of an essay, talk to the people as they are sitting next to you and you are discussing the topic.
You can say, Have you read this? (Any link of your post or something else)
or you can say, have you noticed, 90% of the people are depressed these days. Do you actually know the reason?
Ask different questions to your readers and engage their mind with your content. Don’t give them a plain text, provide them with a solid conversation.
The last but not the least strategy is

6.      Don’t take your grammar for granted

If you don’t consider correcting your grammatical errors, that’s a big mistake. Stop making this mistake today.
Your content should not have tons of grammatical errors. People will not really like that. They will not read that. Don’t ruin your hardwork just because of these grammatical mistakes.
Do you find problem in spellings? No problem.
Are you weak in grammar? No worries.
There are many online tools to help you out in your writing. I highly recommend you a free 
account, it has a lot to offer you. It will help you in rectifying your grammatical errors and make your writing awesome. Try it yourself.


Content creation is an essential part of your blogging journey. Give sometime to learn it.
Blogging is all about quality writing and quality content.
Keep your struggles alive and always create a master piece of content.
I have shared very few strategies here, hope you got them all. Which strategies you apply on your blog?
See you with the relevant comments below.

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