03 January, 2019

Experience: how it helps in blogging

Sharing experiences with the people is very common these days. You see many people around you, who are sharing their experiences about certain things and events they faced in their life.
Of course, it’s a good thing. These experiences help you a lot in deciding the best for your future and avoiding the mistakes that other people made. When you listen to the experiences carefully, why cannot you share yours with them? May be, your story has more power than theirs.
This post is mainly dedicated to elaborate the importance of experiences in blogging, and how you can use them better at the right place.

What is an experience

An experience is your own story with anything. For example, you topped in a university exam. Or you started a business and successfully maintained it, they are your experiences. Now, you can share with the other people that how you did it. How did you keep your struggles alive? From where did you get motivation?
Your failures are your experiences too. You can share what mistakes you made and what were their consequences? Then how did you rise up after bearing a failure?
Every point whether it’s positive or negative is your experience.

Now, the question is,

How these experiences can help you out in blogging?

When you write a blog, your experiences help you a lot. People like to read stories. It’s also a fact that bloggers who share their own stories get more exposure and readers.
Your readers trust you when you tell them to do something by telling your own story. If you ask them to avoid few mistakes and you are making those mistakes yourself, then what? The readers won’t trust you.
For some blogs, experiences become even more important. When a beauty blogger concludes a beauty tip through a story, the readers go to try it. Otherwise, they’re in deep trouble and confusion thinking about the consequences which can be caused by that tip.
When a finance blogger shares a business strategy and tells his success story with it, he gains the trust of the readers.
Experience is quite important. It’s not necessary that you just share your own experience, you can share the experiences of your fellow bloggers too. The point is to share an experience.
Let’s take a look on some of the advantages of sharing experiences in blogging.

Advantages of sharing experience in blogging

These are the things that sharing an experience can do for you.

1. Gains the trust:
When you share any experience along with your words, the people start trusting you. Because they feel that you recommend what you have already experimented. They start reading you more regularly, that's what you can admire as a blogger. 

2. Helps to motivate your readers:
Experience helps you to motivate your readers about certain things. If you ask a person to start an online business and encourage him by telling an experience whether your own or somebody else’s, the level of motivation will be increased. In blogging, your job is to give people information and change their lives by motivating them.

3. Opens the eyes about positive and negative points of anything:
This is what experience can do. The story contains not only positive points, but negative points too. When people get to know what mistakes you made, they will avoid them. This is your success. Remember, if anyone succeeds by following your footsteps, you succeed.

4. Helps in affiliate marketing:
This is typical blogging point. Affiliate marketing is the great source of income for bloggers. Most of the bloggers in the industry are taking advantage of affiliate marketing. Now, experience helps you here as well.
When you recommend your readers anything, they’ll think thousand times before they actually make a decision to buy it. There are more chances that they will end up on a decision of not to buy.
But, if your recommendation is with a story, they will probably decide just after finish reading or may be, after thinking little. Experience turned into profit. Good! This is how experience helps. 


Experience in blogging matters a lot. It opens the new opportunities for you and make the lives easier for other people.
This is the formula of a good life. Make others’ lives easy, your life will become easy. Have you shared your story? Tell me, I would be happy to read and share.

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