14 January, 2019

Five tips to get more twitter followers everyday, number five is amazing!

Social media is the great source of making readers. While twitter is a big platform which has gathered the people at one place, it cannot be ignored in your social media strategy.
But, the mystery here is to find more followers. Because, the more followers you have, the more your brand spreads. Simple formula. Today, I’m trying my best to solve this followers mystery for you. I’m sharing some tips which will really work for you in order to increase the number of your twitter followers.

Get more followers on twitter

Keep this in mind, that I will ask you to do some manual work for better results. You don’t need just followers, you need interactive followers. People who share what you write. People who actually start conversations and connect with you. Real people who talk to you.
There is no service which provides such followers. I shared in my
previous post 
about how risky is the use of these followers providing services. Anyway, today’s post is not about it. It’s dedicated to help you out in getting more interactive followers fast. Let’s move on.
I will not make quality tweets a separate point. It’s must for you. Of course, you cannot engage your followers without it. Your tweets must be valuable; they must contain knowledge and learning stuff.

1. Follow the people who use a certain keyword in their tweets

As keyword helps you out in content strategy and search engine optimization, it can help you out in your twitter strategy too. Are you confused, how? Let me answer.
People who use certain keywords in their tweets means that they have interest in those things. For example, People who often tweet about FC Barcelona have interest in football. If you also tweet about football, then why are you not still connected?
Find those people and start interacting. There are many ways to find them. Here, I’ll discuss few simple and easy tactics.
Find using twitter search:
Twitter search is the best way to find out these people. Search any keyword or phrase and let the search results appear. Now, follow them. This is the most time taking technique. The next one is,
Find the people using hashtags:
This technique is less time taking than the previous one. Of course, its results are also better. In this, you just search the same keyword or phrase, but insert # before it. You will see more better results. Now, choose manually to follow.

2. Promote your account on your other social media profiles

Do you have other social media accounts? You can promote your twitter profile there too. Add your twitter profile to Facebook, Instagram, google plus etc.
Not just that, you can share your tweets in the form of posts too. This also brings new followers.
Another way is to add your twitter profile in your email signature. This is also beneficial. You send many emails to many people every day. May be, some of your email friends are interested to connect with you on twitter.

3. Follow the trends

Trends are really important for you to focus. When you write a blog post, you try to find about the latest trends to write your post. Similarly, your tweets must be following the trends of your niche.
Twitter gives you the trends, you can use them in your tweets to get more interactive followers. 
When you compose a tweet, twitter lets you know about which keywords or hashtags are performing well. For example, write ‘#Social’ the results will come up like ‘#SocialMedia 120 tweets in the last hours'
With this, you can easily understand which hashtags are best for you.

4. An attractive bio

Your twitter bio is the small summery of your interests and what you do. Try to create an eye-catching bio which attracts new people to follow your account. It is a fact that twitter users who have bio attract more followers.
A good username is also recommended to get more followers. For example, if your twitter account is about technology, you can add this to your username. What will it do for you?
Anyone who searches for technology will find your profile easily on twitter. You can get good results from this.

5. Take advantage of “Follow everyone who retweets or likes this” activity

If you are a regular twitter user, you surely know about the activity which happens certain times a day. Many people tweet “Follow everyone who likes this” or things like that. Trust me, it’s the great way to increase followers. Most of the followers you gain through these activities are engaging followers.
If you are professional, you definitely don’t like to show those tweets on your timeline. You probably don’t want to like or retweet such tweets. Then how will you take advantage?
You just go to that tweet and check who has liked or retweeted that tweet. Now, you will follow those people who have liked or retweeted. Most of those people follow back and your account grows quite fast.


It’s the best technique for you to build the number of interactive followers gradually. Increasing twitter followers is really not as tough as increasing the number of interactive followers who engage with your content.
These tips are long run techniques, but they will give you the long-lasting results too. In my next post, I will discuss how to control the number of your followings and followers on twitter. Subscribe to my blog posts in order to get an update when it’s published! Would be happy to see you there.
Which techniques you use to increase your twitter followers? See you in the comments below.

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