22 January, 2019

How to manage the number of Twitter followers

In my last post, I talked about how to get more twitter followers easily with few techniques. Today, I will talk about how to keep the number of your Twitter followings and followers in control.
Twitter is very important for your social media strategy. Many marketers are getting good results by using this platform. It helps out in making new loyal readers and customers for business. People love knowledge. They want to learn new and unique things.
If the content of your blog and tweets contains knowledge, then you can rock without any doubt. People would love to follow you if you tweet what they like. It’s all about understanding your audience. Anyway, keeping the number of your followings and followers is also very important for you.
Let’s take an example of a twitter account for your better understanding. A twitter account has 12000 followers. Great! Wait, this account is following 15000 people. For a regular twitter user, it’s surely not good!
You like twitter account with less followings and more followers. If you really want this, keep reading. I am sharing three useful ways to keep your followings and followers in control. At the end of the post, I will recommend you five tools which will help you out in doing this.

Three useful ways to keep the number of your followings and followers in control

Let’s start with

Check who unfollowed you

When you follow the people daily, you must check who unfollowed you. It’s a very disappointed thing to let the people go and you have to concentrate on your twitter strategy if the numbers of your unfollowers are increasing.
But if it is not too much, you should not be worried about it. You should unfollow the people who unfollowed you. There is nothing wrong with it. This will really help you in controlling the number of your followings on twitter. Check everyday who unfollowed you, and take two minutes to unfollow back.

Recent unfollowers

See who doesn’t follow you

This way is slightly different from the first one. If you followed 100 accounts, it will be difficult for you to know who followed back and who didn’t. That’s why, this feature exists in many twitter managing tools. See who is not following you while you are following them.
Remove those people from your following list in a minute. This will keep the number of your followings and followers in control.

People who don't follow you back

See who is inactive

Removing inactive followers is also a good strategy. Because, they don’t interact and tweet. It’s not necessary to remove them, but you can do this.
I advise you to unfollow the people who are inactive from at least three months. Not less than that.

Inactive followers

Five tools to manage your twitter followers

Here are those five tools, which will help you out in managing your twitter followers. You can use anyone of them.
Make sure to use trusted tools for this purpose, as you give some permissions to these tools to manage your account. These five tools are trusted.


It’s very important for you to measure the results of your social media strategy. Keeping the numbers in control will be very helpful in this manner. With this, you will be able to manage your followers easily.

Do you use any service to track your followers? See you in the comments below.

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