06 January, 2019

Six social media mistakes to avoid in 2019

Do you know? An average user has 7.6 social media accounts. Yes, I’m talking about an average user. This is what research shows.
Social media is the great source of visitors for every website. In fact, a website cannot grow fast without the support of social media. Whether it’s for new content or support, people look forward to connect on social media more than other methods of communication. Why?
Because social media is an easy solution. Most of the people are using social media through mobile. The thing is, if they have any question, they ask it directly through social media without wasting their time on making long phone calls or writing a very formal email. They just add their question in one or two lines and wait for the answer to arrive early. That’s it.
Easy process, right?

It seems to be very easy, but it becomes difficult when you make a lot of mistakes without actually knowing the right direction. As I always say, mistakes are the part of every journey, don’t fear them. But, I aim to make you aware of these mistakes so you stop making them today and gain the trust of your customers and readers. Tell them that you exist.

Six social media mistakes to avoid

Whether you are a blogger who is running own blog or a business owner who is looking to get some loyal customers, you must avoid these mistakes.

1. Stop promoting too much

Promotion is a definite part of your social media marketing. You want to reach out the bigger audience, so you promote your posts on social media. There is nothing wrong with it, unless you promote them with a right schedule.
Just think about it, you are following any blog’s twitter account. Whenever you check your twitter, only one post shows up. Annoying, really? It may force you to unfollow that twitter account. As a good social media marketer, you must avoid this. You simply don’t want your readers to go. Make a schedule of publishing your content on social media. If you have shared one post today, make sure not to post it again the same day.
Promote your content with a technique and let the people enjoy your content.

2. Promote others too

Do you only focus on promoting yourself? If your answer is yes, that’s wrong. It’s also the fact that the brands who only promote themselves get low social media engagement. Specially, when you are a beginner and you need some fans and followers, you should share other’s good content too. You can share their posts on your timeline or mention them in your post, it works. The people become your fans because you share knowledge, your connections are increased as you share other’s content. Who doesn’t like more shares?

3. Don’t get inactive for months

I don’t ask you to get active on social media 24 hours a day, but I recommend you to get active frequently without long breaks. The reason is, when you get inactive for months, people start thinking that you are not active anymore. They leave your profile or page. If they don’t leave, they don’t notice when you write a new post. If you get active after months, then who will notice you? As a result, you lose engagements and interactions. You don’t want this certainly.

4. Stop responding too late

As I mentioned earlier in this post, people look to get early responses when they connect through social media. Do you ignore your faithful readers? Or you respond too late so that they forget what their query was.
That’s not the right thing. That’s another reason why most of the social media marketers advise you to check your social media profiles frequently so you can answer the people as soon as possible. When your response time is good, the people trust you. They don’t hesitate to ask the questions.
Social media websites like Facebook tells you about how fast the page’s response time is, when you visit it. For example, if you take maximum 4 hours to reply, Facebook will show this up on your page. “Typically replies with in four hours”
So, it’s important for you to concentrate on your social media response time.

5. Don’t completely automate your account

This is what some of the businesses do. They use social media automation tools and completely automate their account. Using social media automation is not bad, but completely automating an account is not a good technique at all.
In this, you set a schedule to publish your posts, some twitter automation tools even allow you to retweet automatically. You give the keywords and that tool automatically retweets when any tweet with your mentioned keyword is posted.
Take an example of the keyword “Blogging” you mentioned it to retweet all the posts which have the “Blogging” keyword. 
Now, what happens? If 110 posts were made with this keyword, they all will be retweeted automatically. Is this fair? I guess, no. So, it’s recommended not to use the social media automation tools to completely automate your account. Use them for some purposes, not for the whole social media strategy.

6. Stop buying followers or using free followers giving tools

This is the mistake which is very common. When people don’t have followers or fans, they buy from any service or get free from some free followers providers.
Neither those people share your posts, nor they interact with you. Then what is the point to have them? Yeah, they just increase the number of your fans which is enough for some users.
It should not be enough for you. You need real audience, real people. Those real fans can be made, not bought or got. Even social media sites prevent you from doing this. You are not safe when you give account access to these websites. They can make posts and send messages on your behalf, which is not in your favour. You can read a twitter article
Which discusses all the risks involved in using these websites to increase the number of your followers.


Whatever happened before is done. Start today with the new hopes and energy. Try not
To make these mistakes again.
I wish you grow successfully. Which mistakes you used to make? Any mistake you want to share which I have not mentioned here?
See you in the comments below.


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