24 February, 2019

Five ways to choose a suitable niche for your blog

Blogging is really a fun. But it’s very important to do it with passion and dedication to attain success. Everything requires passion. Anything you do needs great concentration to achieve big milestones. Because the more you concentrate, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more you achieve.

Now, you have taken a decision to start a blog. It’s good! You are done with the first step.
When you begin with blogging, questions are raised in your mind about which topics are best for you? These topics are actually called Niche. In this post, I will help you in choosing the best niche for your blog.

There are two types of blog:

  1. Multi-niche blogs.
  2. Single-niche blogs.

Multi niche blogs are those which cover different topics on a single blog. For example, a blog posts about daily diet today. The same blog is posting about a football game next day. That means, this blog has no specific topic. It covers different topics.
What is the drawback?
This blog will struggle so much to get organic visitors. Because, search engines don’t know what this blog is all about.

A single-niche blog covers only one topic on a blog. For example, if the blog is all about daily diet, it will post about health routine, benefits of different vegetables and fruits, ways of choosing diets etc.
That blog will get organic visitors easily. Because the search engines know about what this blog contains. That blog can also achieve in getting the visitors back. The visitors know about what they are going to get from this blog.

A single niche and a multi niche blog

Now, it’s easy for you to choose. What you want? Multi-niche blog or a single-niche blog.
I recommend you to blog on a single topic. This will attract more readers.
If you have decided to blog on a single topic, move on. I have more for you.

Choose the best niche for your blog

Choosing the niche/topic for your blog is not an easy thing. There are few steps you must take before planning your blog topic. 

This is really important in terms of making the right decision. There are few things you need to keep in mind when deciding the blog niche. 

  • It should be the topic you are interested in 
  • It should be comprehensive 
  • People should be interested to know about it 
  • It should be profitable 
  • It should be an alive topic 

The last point is not necessary to be met. If you have too much to write about the topic, that's enough. 

Topic of interest 

If you ask me, “On which topic I should blog?”
My answer would be, “The topic which interests you the most.” If you choose the topic of your interest, you will never lose your passion of writing. You will always have words to write and discussions to make. That is the way.

Choose a comprehensive niche 

This is also the fact that some blogging niches are more comprehensive than others; you must think about this point as well before you make a final decision. For example, if you choose to write about potatoes recipes, one day, you will lose your writing passion. Instead, you should choose to write about different recipes. Enhancing your niche is a great thing which keeps you going. 
You have thought about the topic of your interest, you have enough to write on that topic. But wait, you forgot something. 

Are other people interested to know about it?

 If you don’t care about people, this is a big mistake. You cannot ignore the people. Your blog is existing for the people.
You are not writing for yourself, you are writing for the people. Before selecting your topic, do a little research about who is interested to read about your topic?
You can use search engines to find out the answers. If many articles or blogs are written on that topic, it means that people are attracted towards it.
You can also do a manual research by asking the people in your surroundings that whether they are interested to learn about your topic or not. However, it’s a long project which requires a lot of time and work. It’s not recommended.


If you are thinking to make money from your blog in future, that’s a good idea. I appreciate your deep planning. This is also a good point to consider before you plan your niche.
Which blogging niches make more money?
The answer is, the niches which have more affiliate offers available. Ads are also a good way to monetise a blog, but I don’t recommend it at all. Because, ads annoy the visitors which ends up in losing some loyal visitors. Nobody likes to lose readers after getting them.
Another point why I don’t recommend ads to the Muslims is, it’s hard to get Halal ads. Specially when you are a newbie. For top-class Muslim blogs, there’s a Halal ad network available, but not for the beginners. You cannot completely control the ads, hence it’s tough for you to show completely Halal ads on your blog. That is my personal experience. Allah knows best.
However, I have not experienced Google adsense yet, the leading ads provider. I will write about it when I experience it.
Affiliate offers are good for monetising. Affiliate means that you promote an offer and the company gives you commission in return. For example, you promote wordpress.com, a leading blogging platform. When any of your visitor makes a sail, wordpress.com will pay you commission.
There are PPC (Pay per click) and PPL (Pay per lead) offers also available to affiliate marketers, but this is not the topic of our discussion.
Anyway, the point is, you should choose the niche which has more affiliate offers available. For example, blogging is itself a niche. It has many offers available. Because people want to know about it.
You can blog about fitness, health, blogging, education material, computers and softwares, language, motivation and books etc. For motivation, language and books, amazon has many affiliate offers for you. You can also write the reviews of different products on your blog if you are interested.

Choosing an alive topic 

Choosing an alive topic is a good strategy to apply for choosing a blog topic. It provides you an advantage. You never lose writing ideas.
An alive topic is that which always has new ideas. For more common explanation, the topic which remains in trends such as news, blogging, politics etc.
Alive topics are mostly of people’s interest. So, you get two advantages by choosing them.
You will not lose your writing ideas and you will not struggle in finding readers. 


Planning a niche is an important step of your blogging career. It defines what you are going to write about. 
I have mentioned some of the niches above, but you can explore more by searching about them. In my next post, I will be discussing about how to choose the niches which have more affiliate offers.
Till then, read this post and tell me what you learnt.

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