29 April, 2019

Tips to select a most profitable niche for your blog

Do you consider to do affiliate marketing? Really?
Wait, sorry. I forgot to tell you what it is. Let’s know about Affiliate marketing which is the main source of income for many bloggers. Not only bloggers, email marketers are also earning from this source.

84% publishers understand the importance of affiliate marketing and take it serious.
I told you in my
that the most profitable blog is the one which has more affiliate offers.
 OK, so

What is affiliate marketing?

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income defines affiliate marketing in this way:
“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like,
promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

It looks pretty simple and easy, it is certainly. But it requires hardwork, dedication, patience and struggle. Nothing happens in a day. You don’t get passive income over night.
To keep it short, affiliate marketing is just like a business. You market a product and make every effort to sail it.
The difference is, you don’t need to make the product. You promote others’ products.

Now, it’s clear to you that what is the concept of affiliate marketing. In my last post, I mentioned that it’s important for you to select a profitable niche for your blog if you are serious to earn from it. Today, I am sharing 3 useful tips to select a profitable niche.

See what fellow bloggers are promoting

You should keep an eye on your fellow bloggers to get inspiration and tips. How they are writing, what they are promoting.
Don’t copy them, just get the ideas. I wish you don’t throw yourself in any copyright infringement. ☺
Search on google about your niche. You will find tons of results. Of course, the first page results are the top results.
Search on google,
“Top blogs about daily diet” You will get them on first page probably. You can explore more.

You can also find those blogs on any blog directory such as 
to get good results. However, google search is still an easy thing to do.
After discovering some blogs of your niche, make a list of them and study them. You will know about what they are promoting. You can make the list of promoted products too. This way, you will not forget them ever.

Google is king

We are using google again. Because google has the solution of many problems for you. In the previous step, we made the list of promoted products.
Now, search these products with their names by adding affiliate program at the end. For example, you can search “Bluehost affiliate program”
You will get the result. You can sign up for different affiliate programs. Remember, you cannot stick with one program. The reason is, you cannot promote only one thing every time for sure. Got my point? Good!

Use affiliate market places

Affiliate market places are dedicated to make interaction between merchants (Companies who require affiliates) and affiliates (People who promote)
These market places are very helpful to find best affiliate offers for your niche.
You can use 
to explore how many offers are available for your niche. Your niche is very important for you, don't get out of it and promote irrelevant stuff. 


To conclude, affiliate offers are best way to earn from a blog.
You have to decide your niche, create good content, add your affiliate link and put your hardwork to get good results. Try to focus on giving valuable information to the people. It will work.
Only promotion is not a good technique at all.

What do you try on your blog? What is your blog niche?

See you in the comments below.

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