06 May, 2019

Create an impact through writing

Writing is a great source of communication. You cannot achieve with spoken words what you can achieve with written words.
Your one word reaches to thousands of people and they all learn something from it. While writing, you should keep in mind that every word doesn’t make an impact. So, your words must be those which create an impact on others.
This topic is actually all about making your writing more effective by understanding how much effectiveness helps in writing. Here are few things you can think before you actually give your writing to the readers.

Tone of writing

Your tone of writing should be very polite. Even if you are presenting a very serious topic, you should not be very harsh in defining the topic. Most of the times, a writer goes harsh while doing analysis on a certain topic.
Avoiding this is a very helpful technique. When you are analysing something, explain the pros and cons of the thing and let the reader decide
What is good.
You can give your opinion too, but give it with respect to other’s opinions as well.
The next one is,

Make the reader smile

Giving a plain topic to reader is very bad. I don’t like it, do you?
Anyway, nobody likes dry things. To present any idea, you must think of making your writing attractive. The combination of effective and attractive is always awesome.
I don’t say that you should be too humorous in your writings, but at least you should keep an eye on humour to keep your readers engaged with your words. Don’t be just too tedious.

Be emotional

It’s a hidden secret of a writer’s success. Being emotional really works at times. It really conveys your message and touches the heart of the reader.
Remember, a good writing doesn’t go to the mind of the reader, it goes to the heart. And, the words that go to the heart really create an impact.
Write in a sense that a reader thinks about your point emotionally. 
For example, you are advising the reader that rubbish should not be thrown on the road. Attach any emotional example like a child fell down and had an accident just because of the peel of a banana on the road.
Now, that will work. The reader will feel pity for the kid and he may stop throwing the rubbish on the road. That was just a simple example, you can do much more.

Use clicking words

Trust me, it’s a very amazing technique which can be used to make an impact on readers. Do you get what do I mean by clicking words? Let me go in detail.
We have simple words to describe almost everything. You have to convert those simple words to the clicking words. The words which really attract, the words which really click in the mind of a reader.
Let’s take an example.
A sentence is, trying is a great way of success. We will change this to a clicking word:
The more you try, the more you fly!
This will click in the mind of the reader. This will be a motivating word. These clicking words actually make quotations.
Don’t fill up your writing with tons of clicking words, use few to make an impact.
Example of a simple word and a clicking word

Be simple

Your simplicity is your power in every field of life. It helps you to convey any message in a way that your readers are familiar with.
Simple language can do a better job for you. Because, simple language is the language of the people, they understand it.
OK, you should use some good vocabularies, but don’t bombard your writing with the words that nobody understands. Extra usage of these words makes a boring piece of writing.


Making an impact on the people through writing is a technique used by the greats who wanted to do something good for the people of this world. You can be among those people for sure, you have to write with the dedication of your heart and soul.
Do you agree with these points? What more would you like to add in it?
See you in the comments below.


  1. Very meaningful advises. Keep up the good job. Haven't read from you since 2 months. Never give up. Clicking words was a good one.

  2. Thanks for your motivational comment, glad you read the post.


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