11 November, 2019

Five common Grammatical mistakes you need to quit just now

I am go to the town last week. Are you thinking that I am not in my senses? Or I am simply being silly with you. No, that’s not the case for sure. I am actually trying to explain something. Did you get it? No.

Let’s break this sentence into two pieces to make any possible sense. The first part is, I am go to the town. Okay, I am rather trying to say I am going. That’s right. Move on. The second part is, last week. Now, can you make any sense of it? In the first part, I was talking about the present. In the second one, I immediately switched to the past.
What is this? This is what most of the writers do. They make certain grammatical mistakes which ruin their hardwork. They may not write sentences like the above sentence was written, but they often get confused in time, spellings and punctuation.

What role does grammar play in your writing?

Learning grammar is always so boring. Grammatic rules are very tough. The problem is, this is the basic part of any language. Grammar has a significant role in language learning. Grammatical structures identify the sense of your words. They give a clear explanation to your listener and reader about what you are trying to say. Grammar makes the communication process easy.

Five common mistakes that ruin the work of a writer

In informal speech, the grammatic rules can be taken off the side some times. But, when you are communicating to the people in the form of written words, you must be more conscious about your grammar. 
If I find a website or book with tons of grammatic mistakes, I will leave it. I will not waste my time in understanding wrong grammar. Instead, I will google the topic again and find the article with better grammar.
Grammar is a key to get success as a writer. If you want to spread out your word, you must concentrate on rectifying the most common grammatical mistakes. There are thousands of mistakes which can be mentioned in this post, but I have selected the five most noticeable and common ones here.

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Getting confused in American and British English

Most of the times, the writers get confused about what language should they choose to communicate. In this effort, they just mix up everything. There are so many words which are spelled differently in American and British English such as, (Behavior, behavior), (color, colour), (modeled, modelled)

To avoid this problem, my advice to you is to choose one language for yourself and stick with it. If you want to stick with American English, no problem. If you want to stay with British English, that’s completely Okay. But please, don’t make the mixture of them.

Overuse of punctuation

Can you imagine going to every gathering where it’s no need of yours? That’s the case with commas and semicolons. They are usually placed between the sentence without any need. Trust me, commas make the structures unreadable in some cases. 

Incorrect: I was, going there, last week, to find out, if everything is fine.
Correct: I was going there last week to find out if everything is fine.

There is no need of comma in the above sentence. Try to place the commas and semicolons where they are required. Try to cut your sentences short. Wait, there’s another example related to it. This is the one which can be easily seen in writings.

Incorrect: He wanted to get some information, he bought the books.
Correct: He wanted to get some information. He bought the books.
Correct: He wanted to get some information, so he bought the books.

The mistake in the incorrect sentence was using the commas without any joiner between two complete sentences. Remember, you should avoid using commas and semicolons without the joiners. If you don’t have a joiner, then simply insert period to separate the two complete sentences.

Over use or no use of capitalization

This is the mistake which make the work untidy. Some writers use capitals all the time while some take them for granted. Both choices are not good. Capital should be used as per the requirement. Neither it should be ignored, nor be over used.

Incorrect: I use the internet.

Correct: I use the Internet. 

Where to place capitals:

    • With the first letter of every sentence
    • With the letter I 
    • With every proper noun like specific name of a person, place etc.

However, there are some exceptions regarding capitals. There are some field related rules, but basic rules are these three which need to be practised and followed. For example, SEO is a website-related term which should be in capital.

Confusing words and spellings

Now, it’s a completely different thing. It’s not always about American or British English. At times, it’s about words which are somewhat similar in pronunciation and spelled differently.
For example, the words accept and except. Advice and advise. Rice and rise.
Accept means to consent to receive something and except means some thing which is out of the list, not included.
Advice is a noun used for suggestion. Advise is a verb used for the same meaning as advice.
I advise you to go to your mom. (Not advice as advise is a verb here)
It’s my advice to you to go to your mom. (Not advise as advice is a noun here)

Rise means to come out and go high, but rice is a seed of food.
The sun can never rice. 

Overuse of adverbs 

This is not a big mistake but improving it may help in getting good command in writing. Sometimes, you have the choice to modify a verb with an adverb or use a good verb at that place. In such case, you must try to find the suitable verb to shorten the sentence. A good sentence is short and gives the complete meaning. This is what we call concise writing.
For example, instead of saying “Can you make this process very fast for me?” you can say, “Can you speed up this process for me?” Speed up makes this sentence very concise for you. There’s no need of very and fast.

The online writing tools like 
or software like Microsoft word give you the suggestions for concise writings. These are true sometimes, but you cannot rely on them as these suggestions are computer generated and may be wrong in many cases. Microsoft word suggests me not to write 'actually doing' But sometimes, it’s necessary to write such words to make the writing more effective and engaging.


Grammatical mistakes is a vast topic. In fact, many blogs exist out there to cover only grammar. I gave you a brief introduction of the grammatical mistakes to tell you how important grammar is to get success as a blogger. As I mentioned before, if you write with grammatical errors, you will end up losing many of your readers. Your visitors will never turn into regular readers. It’s grammar and tone of writing which keep the readers engaged with your content.

Which grammar mistakes you often notice while reading? See you in the comments below.


  1. Internet is not a generci thing like "tree" but, instead, is an identified thing: "The Internet". I think the example is wrong😅

    Anyway, very good and useful post: thank you!

  2. Yes, absolutely. I just studied about it more. Thanks for the rectification of this error. Glad you liked the post.

  3. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks. 24onlineservice.com

    1. I will continue to post updated knowledge In Sha Allah. Thanks for reading it out.


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