11 January, 2020

Cloudflare and website security, go hand in hand!

Website security is a major concern for every website owner. A secure website is more reliable, trustworthy and reputable. So, every website owner makes a great effort to make his/her website secure for the people and obviously, for the search engines. In this time of Internet mass, website security has become one of the most noticeable issue. Thousands of hackers are sitting to steal all of your data. 
They keep an eye on your website to steal your content, forms, design and even your people. 
Yes, your people. A website hacking technique is called Cookie Theft. Do you know about it?
When you visit a website, you usually get a notice like “This site uses cookies to enhance user experience.” Then you get an option of agreeing or denying. This cookie information is then stored by the websites for the betterment of its visitors. If the hackers get access to this cookie data, it is called cookie theft.
Cookie theft is the technique through which the hackers can steal the people of any website. Because the cookie information contains the location, IP address, internet history, username and password etc. After getting access to the cookie data of any website, these hackers can get into the lives of many common people.
Very terrifying! Will you leave Internet today? Is it possible? No. You cannot. Internet is the largest source of information. Then what? Will you delete your website? No, no. You created it with a lot of struggle, you spent a great deal of money and time on this.
You must remember that running away is never a solution. It is laziness and fear which forces you to turn away. You are not weak. You must find a solution. It is your responsibility to secure your visitors. It is your responsibility that you take action if suspicious people are visiting your website. But how?
There are many services offering website security. You should look at 
which is an easy solution for all of your security needs.

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What is Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content delivery network) which transfers validated traffic to the actual source. It points its own servers to your domain and works as a cover of your website.
As a book cover prevents dust to enter the pages of the book, similarly, Cloudflare points its servers that check out the traffic first and protect your site from the Internet dust.  
For example, A website is, yourdomain.com. Cloudflare will first identify the user whether it is a trusted user or not. Then it gives access to the actual domain.
The process occurs within milliseconds. It has different security levels and measures work smoothly depending on your selection that how much security and spam protection you want.

Benefits of using cloudflare

Cloudflare is used by tons of websites around the globe. Its benefits are so many.
It figures out first that one who is visiting the website is real human or not? If it finds any suspicious activity, it blocks the activity immediately. Let’s know about some of its benefits.

Free service

Cloudflare is a free service to use. Although its premium plans are available, but its free version has enough features for any personal website or small business.

Spam protection

This is the prominent feature of Cloudflare. It enables spam protection. It reduces the chances of spammers visiting the website. It catches spam IPs and locations to keep the spammers away from your website.

Genuine visitors

After getting Cloudflare on your website, it’s most probable that you get only genuine visitors. As the traffic is filtered by Cloudflare, you don’t need to be worried about the process.
Cloudflare also handles automated requests which ads to website security. By getting genuine traffic, you also save some hosting banned with.

Loading time

Cloudflare increases the loading time of the website. It cashes the static content which speeds up the loading time.
Good loading time results in performance improvement. It is one of the useful aspects that increase SEO ranking.

Problem with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a great solution for your security concerns. But, a problem which I noticed with Cloudflare is that it sometimes blocks real users due to their IP or location. As it’s a computer-generated solution for website security, it sometimes blocks the actual users after finding any spam activity.
This is something that really hurts. No website ever wants to block its actual users.
At this point, I agree with the article on IMTips about 
in which it is said that “If you are bottle-necked on bandwidth or have too much spam coming your way or have issues with DDoS or have problems with the site getting hacked too frequently, use Cloudflare but not otherwise.”


To conclude, I must admit that website security is one of the most important things to focus as a website owner. It’s necessary to protect your website from the hackers and spammers who are always ready to catch and steal your data.
If you have a small website which has the minimum number of spam activities, then you can ignore this decent spam. It may happen to any website.
But if your website is a shopping store I.e. which lets the users enter their personal information like credit or debit cards, numbers and addresses etc., then it should be a preferred choice of yours to handle your visitors with care by providing them a secure and reliable experience.
This was all about the importance of website security and the benefits of implementing Cloudflare on your website. In the next post,
we will learn In Sha Allah that how Cloudflare can be implemented on a website by changing name server details. 


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