14 March, 2020

4 ways King Google can help you in keyword research

Keyword research plays a great part in SEO strategy. Keywords are a magic to boost up the search engine rankings. There are so many tools you must use to plan your blog post’s keywords before you write it down.
But, there are some very easy things about keyword research in which King Google may help you. It is a reality that Google has solutions for your thousands of problems. If you are thinking about going to the kitchen and cook something, Google is for you. If you want to clean your house and learn home decor, Google is for you. If you want to read some news, not a big deal. Google is for you as well. In short, from personal issues to office and finance, Google is there to help you every time.
With all of this in mind, have you ever thought to do your keyword research through Google? I am sure that it’s not a complete solution for your research regarding keywords, but it may give you some key points to consider while writing down the post. Google has a separate tool for keyword research known as “Google keyword planner” but this post does not discuss it. Apart from keyword planner, how Google can be used in defining the keyword strategy is mainly addressed in this post. Let’s explore how you can do that.

Using Google trends

shows you up the current trending topics. It also shows you the popularity of different queries. The best part is, you can check the popularity in different locations. Please note that Google trends does not display the search volume (How many times the query has been searched in the specified period of time) however, the popularity of the query helps you to identify whether you should use this keyword or not and if it is in trends these days or not.
Let’s take an example. You aim to write a post regarding Planning SEO strategy. You searched it in Google trends and you found out that in the past 12 months, this query is getting more popularity. So, you realized that it is certainly a good topic to write because people are interested to know about it.

Google trends provides you another feature that is useful to plan your content. At the bottom of the search results, it gives you an option of “Related topics” if you click on this, you will be able to find out the queries similar to the one you searched for. This will give you more ideas to write about. Who knows, you may find a better a more effective topic to discuss on your blog.

Google auto complete

Open the google search box and type “Computers” Don’t close the search box and keep your eye on the suggestions King Google is providing you.
I got the suggestions like, “Computers and human behavior, computers for sail, computershare, computers in biomedicine” and so on. There is a long list of phrases. Why Google shows you this?
There is a reason behind. Google is telling you that people are searching for these topics and these topics are popular, may be you are interested to get information about any of them. What does it mean for you?
As a keyword researcher, you can figure out that Okay, people are searching for “Computers and human behavior” I can hold my keyboard and start writing about it.
When you plan to write about any topic, just search it on Google and with Google auto complete, get the suggestions. Click on any of the suggestion and explore what different bloggers are writing about this topic. What kind of content do you get after searching that topic? It will help you to decide the best topic to write on.

Google related searches

It’s also a great feature of Google. It is a bit similar to auto complete. Here, you get the queries related to your search. It also gives you ideas for your content. If you click on any of the related search, you will be able to explore the content of that particular search.
It’s another way to check out different ideas related to your topic. The related searches also give you the ideas for the future posts.
Let’s suppose that you searched for “Computers” as mentioned in the previous example. You decided to write about ‘Computer and human behavior’ right? In related searches, you got the suggestion, ‘History of computers’ Great! You can consider this for your future post.

Google people also ask

It’s somewhat related to the previous two features of google. But, wait. There’s something to notice. These are not phrasal suggestions; these are proper questions.
What it tells you? It tells that people are keen to get the answers of these questions. May be, you can answer their question, you have the perfect solution for their problem.
Hold on the previous example of searching for “Computers” Here, in people also ask, you get the question ‘What is the best computer to buy?” Okay. This is the major problem. People are confused to make a decision about which computer should they buy.
What can you do? You can make a list of the best computers along with their features. Moreover, you can share your experiences with the computers you have already used. With your positive or negative feedbacks and recommendations, people can solve their problem.


I think that’s enough for today. I really enjoyed writing this post as it amazed me to write about the wonders of Google. Hope you enjoyed reading it too.
One thing at last, remember to use all of these features of Google and make it your habit to use Google trends. It is the most effective service of Google to plan your keywords.


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